Cardboard cutout life...made simple. Machine wash only. Do not dry clean. Use lukewarm water. Do not iron print. Boil for two minutes. Simmer. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


So I guess this is it.
No more see you around.
Sorry I have to quit.
Goodbyes just drag me down.

Turn all the lights off would you please?
The time has come for me to leave
I can't stay by your side
So I bid you goodbye.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


words/music : Mardk

His reassuring words
In lifeless form
Pregnant with intent
The one you've fallen for.

All I've waited for
Was a proper closure.
But you've opened all
All my entry wounds.

First part/solo : clean guitars.
Second solo : Guitars raped with maximum distortion.

Cardboard Cutout Life

Words/music : Mardk

Would you flinch.
If I smothered you.
Sleep is a labor
I don't want to go through.

My dreams rot in boxes
besides my bed
My thoughts are remnants
of the nightmares in my head.

In my head.

I don't want to blink.
I don't want to see thru my eyes.
I don't want to speak the truth.
I don't want to lie.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Song collage. Collection number 1. It's only skin baby.

Tune down Drop D bebeh.

i don't need/want
your excuses
throw your reasons and
get away from here

take your words
swallow them whole
you know you never
made much sense


off to the road I go
wearing the bruises/blisters
you made me grow
maybe in time i'll heal
maybe in time i will
see beyond this