Cardboard cutout life...made simple. Machine wash only. Do not dry clean. Use lukewarm water. Do not iron print. Boil for two minutes. Simmer. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Maybe I should bleach my eyes
Find cover from hand spun lies
Complications are risks to be taken
This shit wrapped in silk and linen

I need to know
If you could care less than your showing now
Is always a problem with you, do you know?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I see your light radiate.
And form a lovely silhouette.
When you move the shadows play.
All the darkness slips away.

Bathe me in your light.
Burn the pain and lies.
Take my hand.
Free my mind.

Alalng title. Pakining shit na writer's block to e.

Striking up
With you
Feels like
Bleeding a stone

You have
The attention span
Of a goldfish
Oh yeah
Good for you

The weight
of words
is never enough
To sustain
What it meant
This is language
At its best.
or at the least.

Ladies and gentlemen
Earwax is your friend
Me, on the other hand
is your enemy
At any given situation
antagonist of antagonist
The lie that stains
Your precious truth.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Digging a Hole

words/music by mardk

All my fingers hurt
Blisters big and round
My blood flows
To soften up the ground

All the mud and clay
I push aside
Oh I just can't wait
To rot inside

Digging myself a hole
No one in the world ever knows
I'm digging myself a hole
Need a place to be alone

The air is dead and damp
The filth's a welcome change
I sleep in small confines
And darkness, my friend

On the surface we
Exchange blatant lies
But underneath I sleep
Slowly killing time


words/music by mardk

Sabik sa'king kama
Kahit na gising na gising pa
Mga matang nakapikit
Larawan mo ang nasa isip

Panaginip ka.

Hiling ko'y wag muna
Wag muna sanang mag umaga
Sa tulog kong mahimbing
Sa tinig mo nais magising

Panaginip ka.


words/music by : mardk

Saan nanggagaling
Ang panaginip
Tuwing ika'y maiidlip

Saan napupunta
Ang alala
Tuwing ika'y mawawala

Saan hahanapin
Ang ngiting di napapawi
Sa langit lang ba?
Sa langit lang ba?

Saan dumadaloy
Luhang umaagos
Di na yata mauubos

Saan dumadapo
Isip na lumilipad
Nasan na nga ba ako?